Rockin’ babies!

It’s funny, what prompts you to think of things. I’ve just spent a couple of hours in the hospital this morning with my son who has not been well. He has been throwing up pretty badly overnight so we rushed in to the emergency ward at 3.30am. 

We are driving along with the radio on quietly, and there is the little fella in his car seat, looking pale as a white sheet bopping along to the music! It doesn’t matter how unwell he is feeling, he can still dance to music.

My little man has loved music from a very early age. So early in fact, that the first time we noticed him reacting to music was when my wife was 4 months pregnant with him. We had some Paul Gilbert on, and he just started jumping/rolling around in the womb to the music. Once the music was turned off he stopped.

We even went and saw Paul Gilbert live when the wife was 7 months pregnant, and the little fella jumped around in her the whole time! I met Paul after the show and told him that we had brought his youngest fan, he thought that was very cool. 8)

I could even play guitar and he would start moving around. I remember one time when the wife was having a bath during her last trimester and I had gone in to my music room to jam a bit. I started playing and next thing the wife is calling to me. She says to keep on playing and come have a look (my music room is across from the bathroom).

So I move myself so I can see in the doorway, and there is her belly jumping around. When I stop it stops, when I start playing again, it starts moving again.     

Since he was born I have played guitar to him, and we have a selection of Rockabye Baby albums. They are great albums for the bubs, covers of your favourite bands made to sound like lullabies – very cool.

Now that he is a bit mobile he loves to come in to my music room when I am playing. He’ll sometimes have his toy guitar so he can play. Other times he will want to play mine. He climbs up and holds on to the neck of the guitar, or taps on the body’s of the other guitars on the rack. He loves it when I lay the guitar on ground so he can hit the strings and play with the volume and tone knobs. He’s trying to work out how a whammy bar works too. 

The little fella loves all sorts of music, and he even has a couple of different dances. He’ll wave his hands in the air, clap and drum on his knees or table, etc.

As a musician I am very excited to see my little man have such a love for music at such a young age. I hope it keeps developing over the years so we can enjoy music together, both listening, and playing.

I will be buying him a ukulele for his birthday next month, and I think I will buy him some bongos too seeing as he also loves drumming on things.  Get him started early on his musical journey. 🙂

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