Jemsite comparison shopping – my reviews

Jemsite comparison shopping has really taken off with a bang. There are hundreds of reviews up after only a short time, and best of all they are written by musicians like you, so you can get the real idea of what the gear you are looking at is like.  Plus with the option of seeing different prices available online, you can do all your shopping research in one place.

I have been contributing reviews as well, and you can find them under the reviews tab of my Jemsite profile. There are items there that I have reviewed on my site, plus a few others.  I plan on adding more reviews too.

Anyone can review gear here, and you are encouraged to do so. Plus there are monthly prizes up for best reviewer, so get on there and start adding your own reviews.

The Jemsite community is a great place, with plenty of great people to chat gear with, and a huge amount on information on guitars (not just Ibanez) and gear.

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