All Parts Tremol-No™ Pin-type w/ Deep-C™ – review

All Parts Tremol-No™ Pin-type w/ Deep-C™

How did tremolo users survive before the invention of the Tremol-no?

Tremolo (or vibrato) type bridges are a great invention in the guitar world. They allow you to change pitch dramatically, and enable extreme vibrato. From the traditional Fender Stratocaster type tremolo, to the double-locking Floyd Rose type, they offer guitar players a range of tonal possibilities.

They do come with downsides though. They don’t allow as much sustain as a hard tail guitar, Fender type ones typically don’t hold tune too well after vigorous whammy bar use, and Floyd Rose type ones are a world of pain if the trem is fully floating and you break a string.

The thing is, most players aren’t constantly utilising the tremolo for these pitch type effects. Wouldn’t it be great then if a player could lock down the tremolo like a hard tail guitar when playing, and unlock to use the whammy bar?

Enter the Tremol-no.

The Tremol-no is an easy to install, no modifications to your precious guitar device that allows you to lock down your trem completely like a hard tail, and unlock it to provide movement with the whammy bar. It takes maybe 15-30 minutes to install, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it as a guitar player.

I play predominately floating Floyd Rose type guitars so I will primarily be addressing the benefits of the Tremol-no on these sorts of guitars.

Once installed the Tremol-no is so simple to use. There are 3 thumb screws that enable you to lock the trem completely in a hard tail mode (all screws done up). Undo the 2 to the right of the unit will enable floating Floyd Rose users a dive only mode, and undo all of them for fully floating mode.

Hard tail mode really does give you a heap more sustain. This is great for rhythm and lead guitar work where you want long flowing notes. It also provides slightly fuller tone. And of course tuning stability is a lot better with the bridge completely locked in place.

Setting the Tremol-no in dive only mode is a god-send for floating Floyd Rose guitar players. It still provides a boost in sustain and tone, but it also allows you to do diving pitch changes with the whammy bar. If you were to break a string mid song you most probably would still be able to finish up the song without your car sounding like a cat being strangled.

Dive only mode also allows players to detune their guitars in to drop tunings without the mess with regards to tuning that typically occurs if you were to try this with a floating tremolo. I’ve got an EVH D-Tuna on one of my guitars with the Tremol-no, and it is fantastic to be able to pull this off.

And of course if you really want to go wild with crazy whammy antics like Dimebag type harmonic squeals, and the like you can completely unlock the Tremol-no. Just be aware that in this mode the Tremel-no will not be able to save your guitars tuning if you break a string.

It’s amazing that it took so many years to come up with a device like the Tremol-no, but I’m sure glad that it’s finally around. The Tremol-no makes your tremolo type guitars far more versatile and better guitars to play. You wont know what you did before you had one.

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