Building a backyard studio

Today my brother started building my backyard studio. It’s a 12 square metre space which I will use as a computer/music room.

Having the studio means that we will free up a bedroom in the house, plus it will be soundproofed. I will be able to use it for teaching guitar, jamming, and recording without annoying the wife/neighbours.

I will also be able to set up a nice area for working on guitars, where I will be able to set out my tools and things for this sort of work.

I really look forward to having it completed as I will be able to set up a dedicated place for my music, and perhaps in time become more serious about recording.

I hope to get an electronic drumkit too which will be fantastic for recording purposes, plus take up a lot less room than a regular kit.

Here is a picture of what was done on the first day of construction. A big thanks goes out to my brother for building the studio.

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