Dunlop Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings – Light – review

A great new product from a renowned company

For many years my guitar strings have been GHS Boomers. I’ve always liked their strong tone, and relative longevity.

When I saw the new Dunlop nickel plated string range in my local music store I thought I would ask the guys there what they thought of them. They believed that they were quite a good string, and at AUD$7 I couldn’t argue with the price.

I bought a pack and strung up my RG550 20th Anniversary reissue with them, and after having them on the guitar for a few weeks I thought it was time for a review.

On first impressions the Dunlop strings had a great, bright without being too bright tone. The strings required very little stretching before they had settled in. Even with a lot of whammy bar abuse the Dunlop strings did their job with little fuss. Bends are nice and easy with the Dunlop strings too.

It’s nice to see that now after the strings have been on my guitar for a few weeks that they are still holding tune, and the tone is still nice and strong. It doesn’t appear that there has been any real corrosion to the strings, and I believe that they will stay good for at least a few weeks more. That’s all I can ask from a cheap set of guitar strings.

I hope that Dunlop keep the prices on their new range of strings so low, as I believe that they are at least on par with the other major string manufacturers. After playing GHS Boomers for over 17 years I might even convert over to another brand of strings. For the money they are that good.

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