TC Electronics PolyTune iPhone app – review

PolyTune - strum, tune, rock.

I’ve been using the Peterson iStrobosoft iPhone application for some time as my main tuner with great success. It’s strobe tuning technology is extremely accurate, and great for setting intonation, etc when restringing guitars.

Having such a fine degree of tuning accuracy can hamper you a little when you just want to tune up and rock. You feel the need to get the tuning bang on the mark, when no one would really notice that you are 3 cents out of tune on the a string.

The TC Electronics Polytune iPhone application is awesome though. Strum all of your strings, see which ones are out, and tune them accordingly. Nice, quick and simple.

I compared the two mentioned applications by tuning on the Polytune application first, then checking on iStrobosoft. I found that PolyTune was nearly as accurate as iStrobosoft, and that the degree that the guitar was out of tune negligible at most.

So now when I am just tuning a guitar to play I use the PolyTune application, and restrings are with iStrobosoft.

The display is just like the physical Polytune pedal, and it so nice and easy to read.

One thing that is a little annoying is at Polytune application doesn’t seem to use the microphone on the iPhone was well as the iStrobosoft application. It wont be able to pick up some unplugged electric guitars that well. Plug them into an amp and it’s fine though. I plan on buying or making a guitar cable for my iPhone soon though, so it will be a non-issue really.

Overall the TC Electronics Polytune application is great for making the sometimes tedious job of tuning nice and fast. It’s definitely a worthwhile addition to any iPhone carrying guitar players app list.

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