New Gear Day (NGD): MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion

MI Audio Crunch Box - canned Marshall goodness!

This has been an exciting week for new gear. After the Sanyo Pedal Juice and the Floyd Upgrades Brass  Big Block arrived, an MI Audio Crunch Box distortion pedal was waiting for me at my doorstep today.

I’ve been hearing great things about this stomp box, and what makes it even better is that MI Audio is an Australian company. There are some fantastic sounding demos of the Crunch Box available on YouTube that have made me really want to try out this pedal.

A short play with it revealed that is definitely a “Marshall stack in a box”, with that famous midrange crunch that Marshall is known for. Plenty of gain on tap for nearly every style you may want to play, and the tone control has a massive range.

I’m looking forward to giving the Crunch Box a good run through, and I’ll have a review written in the coming weeks.

A big thanks to MI Audio for sending this out to me to review as well.

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