New Gear Day (NGD): Sanyo Pedal Juice and Floyd Upgrades Brass Sustain Block for Gotoh Floyd Rose

Sanyo Pedal Juice: Talk about stomp box power innovation.

I love New Gear Days, especially when there is more than one new piece of gear! I arrived home from work today to find that the Sanyo Pedal Juice, and the Floyd Upgrades Brass Sustain Block for Gotoh Floyd Rose had turned up for me to test.

The Sanyo Pedal Juice really is a clever innovation, and I am surprised that no one else had come up with it yet!

It is a rechargeable 9V lithium battery that can power a number of stomp boxes for up to 50 hours of continual use.

It also eliminates AC ground loops which can cause nasty noise to come through in your sound.

Time to take it up a notch or two with the Floyd Upgrades Brass Big Block.

The Floyd Upgrades brass big block should hopefully be a massive upgrade in tone and sustain, and I look forward to doing some back to back audio comparisons.

Floyd Rose type guitars always seem to suffer from a lack of tone and sustain due to their design, so having a nice solid bell-brass block should make a world of difference.

Thanks to Sanyo and Floyd Upgrades for sending this gear out to me.I can’t wait to really put these things through their paces.

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