What happened?

Please excuse the look of my site right now. I’ve been trying fix some things I wasn’t happy with.

I’ve since decided to build my own theme, rather than try and fix other themes.

For now I’ll just use the basic WordPress theme until I’ve finished making my own, or given up and put something else in place.

Update: 17/08/2010
I’m slowly moving along with designing  a new theme based on the default WordPress theme. It’s starting to come together now, although it’s not entirely cross-browser compatible yet.

Internet Explorer (as usual) is causing some grief with the layout. The site is looking its best in Firefox. Hopefully I’ll iron out the creases shortly. If you are seeing any display issues please let me know. I am modifying the site on the live server, so things might look funny, but refresh a couple of times first just in case I’m tinkering with the site when you are looking at it.

Thanks for your patience.

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