Christmas Giveaway: eMedia Guitar Collection

eMedia Guitar Collection

Today I’m announcing my second giveaway, which I am making a special Christmas one. Thanks to Shelley at eMedia Music I will be giving away the eMedia Guitar Collection 4 CD-ROM set as a grand prize. Here are the details on this great prize:

eMedia Guitar Collection is a complete course for the aspiring guitar player and includes eMedia Guitar Method and Intermediate Guitar Method to get you playing quickly with the addition of eMedia Blues Guitar Legends and eMedia Guitar Songs to master over 30 additional songs. eMedia Blues Guitar Legends includes 10 monumental blues songs and original recordings by artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, and Muddy Waters. eMedia Guitar Songs includes 21 classic guitar songs from Eric Clapton, The Who, Santana and more.

This great package is valued at USD$149.95, and is a great learning tool for the guitar players, and people just wanting to start out playing guitar.

This isn’t all though. The winner will also receive one (1) set of Jim Dunlop heavy gauge Heavy Core strings, and five (5) 1.14mm Hetfield Black Fang picks, thanks to Jim Dunlop.

Heavy Core Strings:

Heavy Core® Strings are uniquely designed for the player that enjoys higher tension at standard tuning or normal tension at dropped tunings. Our proprietary core-to-wrap ratios are meticulously calculated so the player can really “dig in” while retaining sound fundamentals. Heavy Core® Strings, like all Dunlop Strings, are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.

Hetfield Black Fang picks:

From ass-kicking Metallica epics like “Motor Breath” to new thrashers like “Cyanide”, riff master James Hetfield’s venomous style has inspired many. Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce downward picking style. Based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick, the Black Fang is made of tough, sturdy Ultex material with a defined tone and sharp attack. Its pointed and contoured tip gives you ultimate speed and control—perfect for players looking to unleash their tone clearer, faster, and with unrivaled precision. “It’s fast, bright, and strong because of its hard point and material,” says the man himself. “It gives you everything you need—just add venom.” Available in .73, .94, and 1.14mm gauges.

I will also be offering up two (2) consolation prizes of one (1) set of Jim Dunlop heavy gauge Heavy Core Strings, and three (3) 1.14mm Hetfield Black Fang picks.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is make a comment on this post, answering the following question: “Why would the eMedia Guitar Collection” make an excellent Christmas gift for myself or for a loved one”. The three best answers will win the prizes.

The contest will be open until midnight December 24 2010 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time. Good luck!

A big thanks again to eMedia Music, and Jim Dunlop for providing these prizes.

Did I forget to mention this giveaway is open to everyone worldwide? Well yes it is, so everyone, enter, make your comment. I look forward to reading them!

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