Muzicosphere Christmas giveaway

My friend Semi over at French guitar blog Muzicosphere is having a Christmas giveway of his own. He is giving away a Line 6 Pod HD500 to one lucky person, and the giveaway is open to all world-wide!

To enter you need to do the following:

I want to know which guitar you will plug into that Pod HD500 once you win it? Or what gear will be replaced by this Pod HD500?


But there is a condition, I want you to tell me this with a picture of the instrument or the gear! I want a personal picture not a picture from a website or corporate site! I won’t validate your entry with a generic picture! You can do one of the following:

* Picture yourself with the gear
* Picture the gear alone
* Stage the guitar or guitars

Be fun, be creative, tell me a story with your photo or be descriptive but I want to see pictures of the gear! Whatever that guitar gear is, I don’t care if it’s a cheap guitar (I only own cheap guitars myself) or au contraire if you want to plug a custom shop Strat’ in the Pod HD 500 (If I had such an axe I would claim everywhere that I could plug it anywhere I want!!).

Here is how you will send the pictures:

* Like the Muzicosphere Facebook page
* Upload your picture by using the Photos tab at the top of Muzicosphere page
* The comment below the picture must contain the following informations: Giveaway Muzicosphere – Line 6 Pod HD500 – Brand and Model of the guitar gear on the picture
* If you are not a Facebook user, you still can participate by sending the picture by email to the following address giveaway[_at_] (replace [_at_] with @ and let’s roll)

I’ll accept entries until Decembre 31, 2010. Please be aware that the winner will have to pay any local taxes due to shipment abroad (i.e. from France to you)… Yes that totally means that the contest is open worldwide.

So good luck to all those who enter!


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