New Gear Day (NGD): Jim Dunlop Heavy Core Strings and James Hetfield signature Black Fang picks

Awesome James Hetfield signature Black Fang picks, and Heavy Core Strings. m/

I received a great little package this morning, thanks to Brandon from Jim Dunlop. A bag of awesome James Hetfield signature Hetfield Black Fang picks in a 1.14mm gauge, and box of Heavy Core strings.

I normally play black Jazz III and more recently Jazz III XL picks, and after having a quick play with the Black Fangs I have to say I quite like them. A little thinner than the black Jazz IIIs, but feels nice and sturdy with a sharp pick attack. I look forward to giving these a good run through for my review.

I tried out some of the regular Dunlop nickel plated electric guitar stringsa while back, and loved their quick stretch-in time,  longevity, and great tone. I can’t imagine the Heavy Cores disappointing me at all. I will be stringing up a set of these bad boys this afternoon if I have the time, and look forward to giving them a good flogging.

Keep an eye out for my soon to be published Christmas giveaway. I will be offering up some Heavy Core strings and Black Fang picks as prizes.

A big thanks again to Brandon at Jim Dunlop for providing these for me to review.

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