Cool new gear: TC Electronic Toneprint effects

TonePrint gives you instant access to tones that are custom-tweaked by your own guitar heroes

TC Electronic have come out with a great new effects pedal line, the Tone Print series of effects. These new pedals offer you standard stomp box control, as well as something special.

TC Electronic have worked with guitar players from all over the world to develop their own signature “TonePrints”, and make them available to you.

The TonePrint pedals have a USB input which allows you to install these special “TonePrints” which are created by guitar players such as John Petrucci, doug Aldrich, Bumblefoot, and many more.

Check out what TC Electronic have to say about the new TonePrint series:

TonePrint – A Total Tone Transfusion
At TC Electronic, we love building guitar pedals, and we love sharing them with the world even more! So please allow us to introduce you to the latest entries in the TC Electronic guitar family.

Kicking things off on the effect side we have Flashback Delay, followed by Hall Of Fame Reverb, both of which build on TC Electronic’s world renowned delay and reverb legacy. Next up, we have Vortex Flanger, Shaker Vibrato and Corona Chorus, each of which can shake, rattle and roll your tone to new highs. All these pedals stand out with their sleek design and great sounds, but there’s more them than meets the ear.

FlashBack Delay – TonePrint EnabledHall of Fame Reverb – TonePrint EnabledVortex Flanger – TonePrint EnabledShaker Vibrato – TonePrint EnabledCorona Chorus – TonePrint Enabled

You see, we believe in moving the possibilities of guitar forward and boy, did we break the mold this time! We call this new feature TonePrint, and it will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. With TonePrint, you get instant access to the core of the sounds of your favorite players, a tone transfusion of your favorite guitarists’ essence straight into your pedal. A simple USB-connection allows you to directly connect with tones made by those that inspire you, all you do is pick and play.

On the distortion – and overdrive side of things, introducing Dark Matter Distortion and MojoMojo Overdrive – for all your overdrive- and distortion needs. This distorting duo will cover you from a subtle overdrive to full-on distortion sounds and back, with unmatched dynamics and responsiveness – without ever covering up your playing or tone. MojoMojo Overdrive and Dark Matter Distortion are not TonePrint enabled.

What is TonePrint?
TonePrint gives you instant access to tones that are custom-tweaked by your own guitar heroes! We have gathered a vast and ever expanding list that can only be described as the definitive who’s who in guitar, and asked them to customize our new pedals with their signature sounds, the tones that made them famous. This allows you to directly interact with the sounds provided by the people that inspire you to play.

Using TonePrint as a steppingstone to your favorite tone will not bring you close to the sounds of your guitar heroes, it gives you their actual sounds! You don’t have to mess around with vague patches like ‘Meve Storse’ anymore, this is the real deal, an instant jolt of tone right from the source: your favorite guitarist.

To kick of the TonePrint series to a rocking start, we are offering five pedals that feature TonePrint from the get-go: Hall-Of-Fame Reverb, Shaker Vibrato, Vortex Flanger, Corona Chorus and Flashback Delay.

Forget emulation, let’s talk collaboration!
Getting a TonePrint is easy, fun and free. Just go to the TonePrint section on the TC website, locate the TonePrint you want to try and voila, your favorite artist just set your pedal for you. Whether it is the sound of your favorite song or a launchpad for your own stellar tone, a TonePrint maxes the star potential of your tone, the rest is up to you.

All the rockstars we approached were eager to sign on to this innovative project, and not because we waved a big bag of money at them. They unanimously agreed that TC Electronic gear inspired their sounds at one point and this was such a cool way to return the favor to their fans and maybe inspire the rockstar of tomorrow. Added to that, the TonePrint section of our site will constantly be updated with new tones, new artists and all kinds of bonus content.

Our artist’s roster is expanding at a rocking rate, so TonePrints provide a huge range of styles and sounds, a guarantee to constant inspiration and years of fun. TonePrint is part them, part you, and all awesome!

These look extremely cool, and I can’t wait to check them out.


Here’s a video from TC Electronic explaining how the TonePrint pedals work.

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