New Gear Day (NGD): Wilkinson Brass Roller Bridge with locking studs

My new bridge installed, time to sort out the intonation.

Today I received a new bridge to replace the rubbish tune-o-matic bridge on my Saga PRS style kit guitar. I wanted something that could keep better tune, and would allow me to adjust the the radius without having to redo the saddles.

The Wilkinson Brass Roller Saddle Bridge with locking posts has roller saddles that bolt onto the bridge in a similar manner to Floyd Rose tremolo bridges, so I can shim them to match the fretboard radius if needed. The bridge that came with the guitar had a radius that didn’t match the fretboard, so being able to shim the saddles if need be is a great thing. The roller saddles should give me better tuning stability too.

The other handy thing with this new bridge is that it comes with locking posts that allow you to lock the bridge in place. This will help with tuning stability, and probably benefit tonally as well. The post holes in the bridge are also a little bigger than the posts themselves, which allows finer positioning of the bridge when setting the intonation.

So far the Wilkinson Brass Roller Bridge looks to be a really nice piece of kit, and once I’ve set it up and given it a good run I’ll report back with my review.

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