Cool new gear: Epiphone “1984” Explorer EX

Now this is a kickass metal guitar!

There was a particular Explorer played back in the day (1984?) by a now very famous front-man, and many people have wished that there were an Explorer model that mimicked this famous guitar. Epiphone have now released a new model that may very well satisfy these fans, the Epiphone ”1984″ Explorer EX.

With a mahogany body and neck, and coming in both black and white, the  Explorer “1984” EX is loaded with EMG pickups for that crushing metal tone. A shred-worthy 14″ radius fretboard loaded with medium jumbo frets will make lead guitarists very happy.

Here’s what Epiphone have to say:

Epiphone “1984” Explorer EX: This futurist Explorer™ is “1984” come to life with a classic form that stands out on stage and with a sound that totally erases the past. Originally introduced in 1958, the Explorer’s radical and futuristic body shape has since been adopted as the instrument of choice for hard rock and metal players. With a sleek new update of the classic design combined with high output EMG pickups, the “1984” is a whole new Explorer.

Get Out There: The 1984 Explorer EX features a solid mahogany body for a light but balanced weight that’s perfect for long hours on stage and in rehearsal. Mahogany also gives the “1984” EX subtle tonal shades and biting sustain when played at loud volume. The mahogany neck is hand-fitted and glued into the body. It features a 24.75″ scale length rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium/jumbo frets, a 1.68″ nut width, and a radius of 14″. You’ll also notice the “1984” Explorer has no pickguard, giving the guitar a sleek, uncluttered and modern look.

Premium Electronics: The “1984” EX’s Big Brother tone comes from one Active EMG-85 neck pickup and one Active EMG-81 bridge pickup. The EMG-85 uses two Alnico magnet-loaded coils with a wide aperture for a beefy low end and a fat top end. The EMG-81 pickup is designed especially for lead guitar and excels at high volume overdrive. Distortion during lead passages is consistent with long sustain and smooth breakup fades. The Active EMG pickups excel at pushing any amp into overdrive. The EMG-81 features ceramic magnets and close aperture coils for a ringing sustain and high end cut. The combination of both the neck and bridge positions make for head ringing that will cut through any stage volume. A hinged compartment on the back makes changing the active pickup’s 9-volt battery easy. The pickup selector is an Epiphone all metal three-way toggle switch.

Solid Hardware: Controls feature all black hardware and are straight-forward with Master Volume and Master Tone, making blends and volume adjustments quick. Like all Epiphone electric guitars, the “1984” Explorer EX includes Epiphone’s trademark LockTone™  Tune-o-matic bridge and LockTone™ Stopbar tailpiece, which provide solid string tension and quick tuning accuracy. Tuners are Grover(R) with metal buttons and Epiphone’s own exclusive non-rotating heavy-duty output jack.

Control the Past, Own the Future: Epiphone’s “1984” Explorer EX is covered by our famous Epiphone Lifetime Limited Warranty and is backed by 24/7/365 Customer Service. Don’t let the future pass you by. Reach out for a “1984” Explorer EX at your Authorized Epiphone Dealer.

This new Explorer model is sure to be a hit with the hard rock and metal guitar players.

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