Jim Dunlop Ultex Jazz III 2.0 – review

Ultex Jazz III 2.0

The pointy little Jazz III has been a popular guitar pick amongst many guitar players for years now. I remember reading several years back, an article about top level players that use the Jazz III published in the now-defunct Guitar Edge magazine. I really wanted to try them out after reading it, and found that the pointy pick tip really made my playing improve.  When I started playing in my band I moved on to the Jazz III XLs, which I found gave me the accuracy when playing lead, but had enough mass for when I was playing rhythm guitar, which encompasses most of my parts in my band’s music.

I really love thicker picks too, so when Jim Dunlop announced the release of the Ultex Jazz III 2.0 I was quite excited. Thanks to Jim Dunlop I have some to review.

The Ultex Jazz III 2.0 retains the same shape of the original Jazz III, but has a more sculpted tip and a bit of a contoured surface. It feels a lot stiffer than the regular nylon red and black Jazz IIIs, and the contoured surface makes it easier to grip and control. It reminded me a little of the Dunlop Stubby picks. The lettering is slightly raised like it’s nylon brothers, and this helps you keep grip.

I found that I loved the crispness and immediate attack of Ultex after reviewing the Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang 1.14mm picks. The Ultex Jazz III 2.0s have those same qualities, but on a larger scale. It glides over the strings as you pick, making everything a breeze.

The only bone I had to pick (geddit, pick???) had nothing really to do with the Ultex Jazz III 2.0, and more to do with the style of playing I do for my band. Being so small it was hard to really dig in hard on fast rhythms, and pick slides were a little challenging. Again, this is not a problem with the pick at all.

Overall I loved the Ultex Jazz III 2.0. The thickness, contoured surface, sculpted sharp tip, and Ultex material just felt perfect to me. It felt just so easy to control, and the immediate attack just worked so well for my playing. I hope that Jim Dunlop go and release an XL version of this pick, I think it would be absolutely perfect.

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