Floyd Upgrades Noiseless Springs – review

Get rid of that nasty reverberation!

One of the annoying things with tremolo type bridges is the nasty reverberation that comes from having springs loaded in the back to counter the tension from the strings. Sure, you can stuff tissue paper in the back of your spring cavity, but that’s just not going to work if you leave your cavity cover off. Thankfully Floyd Upgrades once again has a solution for better tone.

The Floyd Upgrades Noiseless Springs are a fantastic cost effective, and neat replacement for noisy springs. No need to stuff your spring cavity with anything again. At $9.95 they’ll hardly break the bank, and the result will be very much worth it.

I loaded the Noiseless Springs into my Ibanez RG550, which is already hooked up with a sweet Floyd Upgrades Brass Block on my Edge tremolo.

With the stock springs there was always a nasty ringing that was especially present when you played some big chords, and then abruptly stopped. This sort of noise is especially annoying when recording as it just adds a nasty little extra to your recorded track.

After installing Noiseless Springs I did have to tighten the spring claw a little, but this is no big deal. The stock springs obviously were higher tension. An easy thing to resolve.

Once all was back in order I tested out the upgrade and was suitably impressed. No longer did I have any nasty reverberation going on. The guitar was quiet as a mouse as soon as I stopped the notes I was playing.

Some may be concerned that by killing the reverb from the springs that you may be killing the tone of the guitar. This is simply not the case. I could not discern any audible tonal difference between the stock springs and the Floyd Upgrades noiseless ones. The only thing gone was the nasty noise that was the by-product of the stock springs.

Overall I found the Floyd Upgrades Noiseless Springs an amazing bang for buck upgrade for any tremolo equipped guitar. Combined with a brass tremolo block you are really getting a massive increase in tonal bliss that I’m sure most players would appreciate. With such a low purchase price its really worth a shot.

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