Cool new gear: Wampler Pedals SLOstortion

Awesome SLO tones in a pedal

Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals has been hard at work on a new distortion pedal, and boy does it sound awesome! The SLOstortion packs all the awesome punch and tone of of the famous SLO 1oo amplifiers in a compact pedal package.

With a 3 band EQ, and that famous SLO gain and tone you’d think that would be enough to make it an amazing sounding pedal. Wampler saw fit to add a sweet clean boost to really add to lead guitar playing. The awesome thing is that the clean boost works independently of the distortion too, making it incredibly versatile.

Here’s what Wampler have to say about the SLOstortion:

Brian Wampler knows a lot about capturing the sound and feel of an amp in a stomp box. He’s had plenty of practice, and the results speak (and sing, scream, and roar!) for themselves. When he puts his mind to making an amp-in-a-box pedal, you’re not getting just another distortion. You’re getting another master class in tone.

He has never been afraid to take on the giants, either. The Pinnacle earned Zeke Clark’s (ex. EVH tech) recommendation for best Brown Sound around; the Plex series of pedals have recreated decades of British cranked tone. Brian’s brain has crafted pedals that take you all the way from the genesis of what we know today as the Fender sound, to the elusive land of Dumble amplifier tone, and even into pushed Vox-inspired territory. And then there’s the Triple Wreck, a pedal that gives you the ultra-gain modern metal tone.

But somewhere between the classic distortion tones and the ultra-modern high gain sound, there was an American amplifier that redefined gain. Soldano® amplifiers have been heard on some of the best guitar-god albums, and Brian couldn’t resist the challenge of capturing an authentic SLO-100® inspired tone in a pedal. The amp that was the end of classic distortion and the start of the modern era: a very worthy task for the man who has proved his hand time and again at making famous sounds in reach, under foot.

The SLOstortion has been pain-stakingly designed with a core voicing that emulates the best tones of that famous amp and a powerful, sophisticated, easy to use three-band EQ to make sure you can have “The Tone” through YOUR setup. The SLOstortion’s dirt is switchable between two separate gain pathways to capture as precisely as possible the nuances and flavor of both the normal and high gain modes of the superb SLO-100®. The normal mode will go from a nearly clean to a great crunch, and the high gain mode will punish your speakers in the best way possible!

As if that weren’t enough, Brian has added a great sounding clean boost to the pedal so you can stand out during solos. It’s a special take on an op-amp boost circuit Brian’s worked on for some time, and even at unity output, it will add a little something extra to the sound – so you’ll stand out for your solo whether you want to blast loud or just give it that little extra kick. To complete the package, the SLOstortion’s main gain doesn’t even have to be on for the boost to work. It’s a true two-in-one pedal, offering great value for Wampler Pedals users, our way of showing our appreciation for the faith you place in our products!

We think you’re going to love this one. Brian’s worked on it as hard as he’s ever worked on anything before, and the results are apparent: an authentic American roar, with all the gain you need to take you wherever you want to go, and features that won’t let you down. Rock on, powered by the Wampler Pedals SLOstortion!

So this pedal is bound to be a tone monster. Check out the demo video:

The Wampler Pedals SLOstortion is bound to be popular with many players. I definitely would love to play this thing.

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