Lone Phantom Facebook page launch give away!

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I have been using Twitter for some time now as a social media tool to connect with my readers. I figured it was time though to start up a Facebook page for those who do not use Twitter. To co-inside with the official launch of the Lone Floyd Upgrades logoPhantom Facebook page I am having a give away.

Thanks to Jim Dunlop, Perri Ink Guitars and Floyd Upgrades I have a range of cool prize packs to give away. The prize Perri Ink Guitarspacks are as follows:

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Now this contest has no end date as such. It will be closed once my Facebook page reaches 200 “Likes”.

To enter the contest there are a few things you need to do:

  1. “Like”  my Facebook page, Jim Dunlop‘s, Floyd Upgrades, and Perri Ink Cartel Facebook pages.
  2. Post the following message as your Facebook status:
    I’ve entered the LonePhantom.com Facebook launch Giveaway. “Like” @Lone Phantom, @Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, @”The Official” Floyd Upgrades, and @PERRI INK. Cartel to win some great prizes.
  3. Make sure that when you enter your status that each page is tagged correctly. If they do not show up as links in your status your entry will not be eligible.

This contest is open to anyone world-wide, and three winners will be randomly selected using the random.org random number generator.

Good luck to all, and remember to spread the word!

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