Pickup month at LonePhantom.com

This month has become pickup month at LonePhantom.com headquarters. I’ve been lucky enough to score a number of new model pickups, a classic, and a great Australian boutique handwound humbucker to test and review. There’s currently four humbuckers installed in three different guitars that I have to test, and two more awaiting installation in my RG470 project.


Joe Naylor's awesome new Railhammer pickups.

First up are a set of new Railhammer Chisel humbuckers. Created by the noted Joe Naylor (of Reverend Guitars, Armor Gold Cables and more), the Railhammer pickups are a new concept in humbucker design, with thin rails over the bass strings, and fat pole pieces for the treble strings.

The idea behind this is that the rails sense a narrow section of the bass strings, reducing smearing and muddiness. The oversized pole pieces sense a wide section of the treble strings, increasing thickness and sustain. All of these gives a rich clarity, while still providing a thick organic tone.

These are loaded up in my TOM equipped PRS/LP style basswood bodied kit guitar, and I’m looking forward to really open up the amp with these.


Fantastic DiMarzio swag. New Mark Morton signature Dominions on the left, and the classic Super Distortion on the right.

Next up is a package that arrived yesterday from DiMarzio. I received a brand spankin’ new set of signature Mark Morton Dominion pickups, and the classic Super Distortion.

The Super Distortion has found its home in my RFR RG550, and the Dominions will be going in my RG450 project, which will hopefully be all painted up and put back together in the next couple of weeks.


Sweet handwound Ormsby Guitars Hot Rock.

And the last one is actually something I received late last year. Ormsby Guitars sent me two of their hand wound humbuckers, the Nunchucker Humbucker (which I reviewed back in November), and the Hot Rock.

I installed the Hot Rock last week into my alder-bodied Ibanez style custom. So far it’s proved to be a pretty awesome pickup. At my last band practice I noticed that the Hot Rock had awesome clarity, just like the Nunchucker, but even more power.

I’ve been having some fun playing with this pickup, and you can expect a review soon.

In addition to this, there may be another new pickup from another manufacturer coming soon. I won’t reveal it just yet, as I still don’t have confirmation on it, but as soon as I do you will know.

Now to find the time to test these out. It’s going to fun here at the LonePhantom.com headquarters!

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