Cool New Gear: Closet Guitar Hanger

Well it’s not quite here yet, but through Kickstarter, Russell Garehan is trying to fund his new creation – the Closet Guitar Hanger. Here are some of the details on it:

A Better Way to Store Your Instrument

If you’re like most guitar or bass players, you want your instrument to be stored safely out of the way while remaining easily accessible. Currently, there are two main types of guitar/bass supporting products on the market: stands and wall hangers. Stands support guitars well but take up lots of space and are often easy to tip over if you bump into them. Wall hangers get the guitar out of the way, but many people consider a guitar on the wall to be an unattractive choice. To those renting apartments, drilling into the wall also makes traditional wall hangers quite impractical.

For many, this relegates their guitar to being leaned against the wall in the closet, or tucked away in a case where it’s difficult to get to on short notice. That’s why we invented this very special guitar/bass hanger. It hangs in your closet, just like a hanger for a shirt or pants would. It hangs the guitar parallel to the clothing, so it takes up as little space as possible.

This looks like a really cool idea, especially for those who are not able to put up wall hangers, and floor space is an issue. It’s a real surprise that someone hasn’t come up with something like this earlier, but isn’t that what we all seem to say about great simple ideas? Well if you like the idea, and could really use something like the Closet Guitar Hanger you can contribute to the Kickstarter project to get the Closet Guitar Hanger off the ground so to speak!

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