Cool new gear: Console:FX


Console – the awesome new Kickstarter project from Devi Ever.

OK, now it’s not exactly available yet, but the Console Kickstarter project from Fuzz legend Devi Ever is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while. The Console is an open source pedal platform where effects are built in a cartridge format, and can be plugged into one of three Console models. There will be single, dual, and three channel Consoles available, allowing up to three effects to be loaded at one time, depending on the model.

This design idea is not only good for general pedal enthusiasts, but for DIY types too. Quite often the most expensive part of a pedal build is the outboard components ( enclosure, jacks, switches, potentiometers, etc. Building effects in cartridge form saves the builder money, which in turn saves the consumer too. Once you have a Console, you’ll be able to play with a range of pedals for far less cost than the traditional method.

The reason for this being great for DIY types is because there will be blank cartridges available. These perf-board cartridges will allow you to build your own effects for the Console platform far cheaper than having to build your own enclosures up for every effect circuit.

Many pedal manufacturers are on board with Devi Ever, so expect to see a wide range of Console effects cartridges available if the Kickstarter project gets off the ground. Devi Ever already has a range effects cartridges plan, based of their existing pedals.

There are a great range of incentives for backers, including Devi Ever merchandise, pedals, and Consoles and cartridges.

I really hope that this project sees the light of day. It really is a great way to package effects, and I really wish Devi Ever the best of luck in getting this off the ground.

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