Killer Guitar Components Ibanez Edge Pro Brass Tremolo Block – review


The Fantastic Killer Guitar Components brass block for Edge Pro.

I reviewed the excellent Killer Guitar Components Killer Brass Claw a little while back. Killer Guitar Components (KGC) were nice enough to also send me out one of their brass tremolo blocks, the Edge Pro model.

First of all, the build quality, and the extras provided are second to none. The block is beautifully machined from a specially chosen brass alloy for maximum musicality and sustain.

Sure, the KGC blocks are a bit more expensive than the competition, but they throw in the extras like 5 upgraded extra long stainless steel mounting screws. The KGC blocks also come with a great brass spring retaining bar with matching brass screws. KGC have made a major improvement with retaining bar by adjusting where the screws to hold the retaining bar attach to the block, allowing you to still use the retaining bar with up to five springs. You certainly can’t do that with the stock setup! Everything about the design of the block is well thought out.

Installing the block was easy enough. I did need to remove all the saddles to access the 5 screws that hold the stock block on. I recorded the distance from the edge of the baseplate for each saddle so I could get the intonation as close as possible when it came time to re-install the saddles. The one set back I had was stripping out one of the saddles intonation screws. No fault of the block, just the soft metal that these screws are typically made of. I raided one from one of my other guitars to finish the installation, and ordered a new one from my local music shop.

Once everything was back in its place I got onto testing. The KGC brass block gave me a bolder, more complex tone. My guitar felt more alive and resonant. The brass claw had given me a boost, and the brass block just took everything to eleven.

The tone was warmer and fuller sounding than with the stock pot metal block. The brass block compressed my tone, which gives an impression of extra volume, and helps with aiding sustain. My guitar sounded more articulate, with better string definition.

I didn’t find that the KGC block hindered my use of the whammy bar. Those of you worried about losing some of your pull-up range have nothing to fear. There’s still enough room to do the craziest of dive bombs and harmonic squeals after upgrading to a KGC brass block.

Overall the Killer Guitar Components Ibanez Edge Pro Brass Tremolo Block is an excellent upgrade to any Edge Pro equipped Ibanez. Combine it with the brass claw and you are in for a massive tonal treat. Sure the KGC gear is a bit more expensive than the competition, but with the quality and extra features of the KGC gear you really can’t go wrong.

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