Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium RPS Super Slinky – review

Titanium makes everything better doesn’t it?

The search for the perfect guitar string can be a hard one for some people. Coated, non-coated, various alloys, special proprietary techniques and materials, all of these things leave a guitar player with a wide variety of options. It doesn’t always make things easy though. Some people have no issues with a set of strings lasting a while, whilst others have oily skin that just seems to eat and corrode regular strings in what seems like a heartbeat. Others find that strings break at the bridge a little too quickly for their liking. Ernie Ball have both of these bases covered  with their range of Coated Electric Titanium RPS strings. CMC Music, the Australian distributor of Ernie Ball sent me a set of Coated Electric Titanium RPS Super Slinkys to review.

The Titanium RPS Super Slinkys are a standard 9-42 gauge, with the wound strings treated with a special coating to repel moisture and oils that negatively impact the tone and life of the string. Each plain string features reinforcement winding of titanium wire to help prevent string breakage and slipping.

I went about restringing my guitar with the Titanium RPS Slinkys and the process was as I expected from Ernie Ball strings. They were quick to stretch in and keep in decent tune. The Titanium RPS Slinkys have great full tone, bright but not quite as bright as Cobalt Slinkys. Players that found the Cobalts just a little too bright will most probably really like the Titanium RPS Slinkys. The tone isn’t muffled like some coated strings. Volume is about on par with regular non-coated strings.

After having the strings on for a over a month the tone is still pretty much like they were when new, with only  a slight loss in brightness and clarity. String bends and the like are nice and easy. Not quite as slick as the extremely slick Cobalts, but still very good. Tuning stability has also held up over this time.

Overall the Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium RPS Super Slinkys are a fantastic string that both coated and non-coated strings would be fans of. The tone is full and bright, but not as over the top as some may find the Cobalt Slinkys to be. If you are someone who is looking for a coated string that sounds as good as non-coated strings and/or looking for a string that is a bit less prone to breaks around the bridge than the Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium RPS Slinkys may be right up your alley.

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