Epic Grip titanium pick YouTube demo

I have to admit I have a thing for titanium. After having a Strat bridge made with titanium components, and installing a titanium sustain block on one of my Ibanez guitars I really just can’t get enough of the tone! So when I heard about the recently successful Kickstarter campaign for the Epic Grip titanium guitar pick I knew I just had to try it out.

In this demo I compare the Epic Grip with the Jim Dunlop Black Jazz III XL to give an idea of the tonal differences.

I’m playing my Ibanez RG 450 LTD with Edge Pro bridge with Killer Guitar Components brass block and brass spring claw. The guitar is loaded with a Seymour Duncan Synyster Gates Invader bridge/Full Shred Neck combo. As usual I’m playing through my Blackstar HT-5 head into a Celestion Vintage 30 loaded 1×12″ cabinet.

Clean demo is with the Invader and Full Shred Neck split, dirty rhythm with the Invader, and the dirty lead with the Full Shred Neck.

I’m hoping it’s clear in the YouTube that the Epic Grip pick has a thicker bolder tone The YouTube compression software may have killed the audio fidelity though. There’s more to the Epic Grip pick than just tone, there’s also what it’s name claims. The Epic Grip certainly lives up to that title, but more on that in the full review. Keep your eyes on this blog, it will be coming soon.

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