Seymour Duncan Custom Shop customised IM1 YouTube demo

Some of you may remember that I received a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickup a few months back. I  had it based on the IM1 humbucker, which comes with a degaussed Alnico 5 magnet and a resistance of 13.9 KOhm. I had mine “customised” further with an Alnico 2 magnet, a slightly higher resistance of 15.2 KOhm, and a little more output. I asked for a tighter low end and faster attack too. The Custom Shop certainly delivered!

I installed in my MIM Alder strat body/Warmoth maple Vintage Modern neck with stainless steel frets, and a custom Hantug Custom Guitars titanium and brass vintage style strat bridge.

The guitar is played through my Blackstar HT-5 head and Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. A, MXR Micro Chorus and TC Electronic Flashback X4 with analog delay effect is used on the clean rhythm demo, and the lead demo uses a Quinnamp Dirt & Ernie to boost the signal a bit, and the TC Electronic Flashback X4 providing the analogue delay sounds again.

It’s a brilliant sounding pickup, which I hope is conveyed in this video. A review of the “customised” IM1 will be published on the Seymour Duncan blog in the not too distant future.

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