The Impact of Metal on a Floyd Rose-Equipped Guitar

20120204-172652.jpgAs some of you may know I also write for the Seymour Duncan blog. My latest article on the blog is about the impact of metal on a Floyd Rose equipped guitar. All of the items I talk about in the article have been reviewed on this blog, but I thought this overall discussion of the parts and what they do to the tone of a guitar may be of interest to readers here. Here’s an excerpt below:

Guitars are complicated things. Different woods, different construction methods and the type of bridge all have an effect on tone, as do the the obvious things such as pickups and pots. What some people may not realise is that the type of metal your bridge, saddles, baseplate and sustain block are made of also have quite a large impact on your guitar’s overall tone. I’ve had experience swapping components on Floyd Rose type bridges and vintage-style six-hole Fender Stratocaster type bridges. For this article we’ll focus on Floyd Rose-type bridges and the effects of different metals like steel, brass and titanium on the sound of a guitar – both stock parts and upgrade components. But even though we’re talking about Floyd Rose type double-locking bridges, much of this will also apply to varying extents to other non-hardtail bridges.

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