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Building a backyard studio – day 9

Well construction is pretty much complete now. Architraves and skirting done, and sealing on the external sides of the windows and doors done. I’ve picked out some paint and carpet now, so hopefully that will all be done over the next couple of weeks. Then it’s just the electrical, and …

Building a backyard studio – day 7

Seven days in to the build, and the exterior is pretty much finished (bar seals around windows and door). The soundscreen insulation is all in, and sound deadening gyprock is all up. Tomorrow the plaster work should all be done, ready to paint. The door will go on too.

Building a backyard studio – 6

Day 6, and the exterior is almost finished. Still need to seal around the windows and stuff, plus a front door. Will need to paint the timber eaves once it’s all done. Sound suppressing insulation is going in now too. That will be finished tomorrow, and the gyprock will be …

Building a backyard studio – day 5

After a terribly rainy weekend (which caused the roof over our kitchen to leak ), my brother was back it it again. Most of the Colourbond wall sheets have put on, and the eaves over the front door have been done. My Dad also came around and rolled out the …