My son is close to 11 months old now. The wife and I have had a tough time getting him to sleep well, and only in the last two weeks have we had success getting him to sleep all night.

Now we are finally all getting a good nights sleep. What is amazing though is that while I am getting a full night’s sleep, I feel worse now than I did when I was running on less shut-eye. And to top it all off I seem to have developed a head cold.

It’s funny how your body can just get use to running on less sleep than is really healthy for you, and then when you start getting enough again your body and mind cannot seem to handle it?

I started thinking about this today. Is there like a scale, for example for every hour of sleep below 8 hours you miss add another day of good sleep to make up for it?

So say for example average hours below 8 hours each night = 2 hours. Now times that by 7 for the week:

  • 7 x 2 = 14 hours

Now times that by 4 weeks to get an average for the month:

  • 14 x 4 = 56 hours

Then times that by 10 months:

  • 56 x 10 = 560 hours

So 560 hours to make up for the lack of sleep over the 10 month period. I’ll work that out in to days of proper sleep by dividing it by 8:

  • 560 / 8 = 70 days

I certainly hope that it isn’t going to take just over 2 months to get over the 10 months worth of rough nights!

My maths may be dodgy too, plus this scale has no scientific basis. Please don’t take it as a real scientific scale.  This is just the ramblings of a tired man. 😉

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