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Ibanez AZES 31 in Ivory full guitar

New Guitar Day: Ibanez AZ Essentials AZES31

I’ve had a keen interest in the Ibanez AZ Essentials line of guitars that was released in 2022. A very classic Stratocaster style Ibanez range of guitars, in an affordable price range really got me excited, and the additions of things such as the alter switch, and a slightly shorter …

Ibanez AZES31 pair

Ibanez AZ Essentials AZES 31 – review

When Ibanez announced the new AZ Essentials line I was very excited to see how these guitars were. The feature set and price point made me very excited, and whilst they didn’t exactly replicate the higher level AZ Premium and Prestige lines features, they still looked extremely cool.  I haven’t …

New Guitar Day: 2004 Yamaha RGX 121 SJ

It’s been a pretty crazy last couple of years, with bushfires here in Australia, followed by a once in a century pandemic. Here in Canberra we’ve been relatively lucky on the pandemic front, until recently, where our city has been in lockdown for a couple of months now. I’ve been working …