What a way to end a first birthday…

Well my little fella turned one today. Time really has flown by. It’s been the hardest time of my life, but also the most rewarding.

Watching him grow up oh so quickly has been an amazing experience, and I hope he has had as much fun as I have. The good times definitely make up for the tough times.

Anyway, the little man was at daycare today, and when we picked him up we were told that he had just fallen of a bench seat. I thought he was a little too small to be sitting unassisted on the seat, and clearly he was.

He was very tired, so when we got home we put him down to sleep before dinner. He woke up and hung with me for a little while before I gave him dinner. He slipped over once, and I attributed that to the slippery floor boards, but whilst I was out Mama was looking after him and he kept falling over and crying holding his hand.

Mama called me and asked me to get right home as she was worried about his arm. We went to the doctors and waited around for an hour and a half (it was after hours).

The doctor suspects he has a fractured forearm, and so tomorrow morning we have to rush to get some x-rays, and potentially a cast if it is found that he has the fracture. And then we’ve got to hopefully get him to his 1st birthday party on time!

We’ve just spent the night getting everything ready for the party,  so we should be right to go. I just hope his arm is ok, and just strained. 3 weeks in a cast will really slow down his development. He has just started trying to stand on his own with no support. I hope he will be ok…

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