Cool sites: Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the original guitar playing communities, with over 3000 lessons, and over 40 world-class instructors on board. It was developed around 10 years ago, back when there was not really any established guitar teaching communities online. It has grown into a massive guitar “university” with over 800,000 guitar players visiting every month.

There are in-depth courses for just about every style of guitar-based music covering all techniques, artist profiles, and songs.

The instructor videos are very professionally shot, and full notes and guitar tablature are made available with the lessons. The lessons can be printed off as well if you wish to practice them when not at the computer. You can also create your own list of bookmarks on the site, making it nice and easy to keep track of the lessons you’ve been learning on the site.

Guitar Tricks has a whole bunch of tool available in the site, including a reference tone for tuning your guitar, metronome, chord finder, and a jam station, where you can load up a selection of backing tracks in different styles to improvise over.

Community forums, and chat widgets are available to communicate with other subscribers, and instructors. The forums cover nearly everything guitar related you might want to keep up on, including instructor sub-forums, gear reviews, techniques and styles, and recording.

If Guitar Tricks sound interesting you can sign up for a free membership, giving you access to 24 lessons to help you decide if you would like to pay for a subscription to the site. Subscription can be had for as little as USD$14.95 a month, and will give you access to everything the site has to offer.

I am an affiliate for Guitar Tricks, so if you decide to sign up for a subscription please do so from my site. I receive a payment for all people signing up to Guitar Tricks, which I can put back into my site to help make it bigger and better.

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