Cool new gear: Perri Ink Guitars

Sweet hot-rodded axes from Perri Ink.

Perri Ink Guitars is a new company founded by professional lead guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Nick Perri. Rather than setting up a whole custom shop where everything is made in-house, Nick has partnered with a number of reputable guitar parts manufacturers like Warmoth, RS Guitar Works, Seymour Duncan, and Floyd Upgrades, just to name a few.

Nick and his small team then put together some truly excellent guitars, with all the sorts of custom modifications that one might do after purchasing a guitar. The guitar is then expertly setup so that it plays just as you would expect when it arrives to you.

Perri Ink have released two models so far; the Protostar, and the Solostar.

The Protostar is a super-strat of the highest order, built with a sweet swamp ash body, and bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard. It sports a sweet Seymour Duncan humbucker combo, Floyd Upgrades double locking tremolo, and an array of  switching options, including a kill switch and LED indicated clean boost control.

The  mahogany bodied, 24 3/4″ scale Solostar has a bit of a double-cut Les Paul silhouette, and like the Protostar it sports a bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard. It sports a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, and a Tone Pros tune-o-matic bridge with Floyd Upgrades titanium saddles. The Solostar also comes equipped with the kill switch and LED indicated clean boost control.

All guitars come with a hard shell case, certificate of authenticity, signed and sealed by Nick Perri, parts documentation, and a small tool set for maintaining the guitar.

Both models are quite reasonably priced for such extensively customised guitars, and would be sure to last a guitar player many, many years. I hope that I may get the chance to review one of these bad boys one day. The Protostar is particularly appealing to me. Floyd Upgrades are building great licensed Floyd Rose bridges, and the combo of sweet Seymour Duncan pickups, and the kill switch/clean boost combo look like a lot of fun. I wish Nick good luck, and many years building sweet axes too.



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