RE-Axe Axe Handler – review


The Axe Handler is a nifty little stand that you should never leave home without.

An easy to carry, portable solution for safely resting your guitar at a jam. rehearsal or gig is something many people are after. Most ‘portable’ stands are still quite cumbersome to carry though. RE-Axe have come up with a solution: the Axe Handler.

The Axe Handler is a small guitar-shaped contraption, made out of a heavy-duty rubber compound, braced with steel. It has such a small footprint that it would probably fit in some pockets. With this sort of size it really is the perfect companion when heading out to jams, rehearsals and gigs.

With a lip on the ‘horns’ where your guitar’s neck sits and a high grip surface, the Axe Handler won’t easily slide or fall off what it’s sitting on. You can sit the Axe Handler on a desk, table, chair, amplifier, or any other flat solid surface. It takes a reasonable hit to knock your guitar over, no different to any other stand though. RE-Axe also saw fit to add a little pocket to keep your spare guitar picks in while you are playing.

The rubber compound used to make the Axe Handler shouldn’t react with any vintage or modern neck coatings. You shouldn’t incur any damage to the finish of your guitar’s neck like you get from some materials used in other guitar stands. In saying that, RE-Axe recommend you stand your guitar with the strings facing in on the Axe Handler, but I found either way worked well.

In practice the Axe Handler does a great job of supporting your guitar on many surfaces.  The Axe Handler and my guitar barely moved at all when sitting on my computer desk, even with fairly reasonable bumps. I also found that it worked well sitting on my Kustom KGA65 combo. Really it can be used on most solid sturdy surfaces, and I don’t think you’d have any issues using the Axe Handler as long as you use common sense. I only had a chance to try the Axe Handler on a carpeted floor, but RE-Axe are confident the Axe Handler will do just as good a job on hard floor surfaces too. RE-Axe have some video on their site showing the Axe Handler in action on a hardwood floor, and keeping a guitar steady from some fairly heavy bumps.

Overall the RE-Axe Axe Handler is a great little device at a great price. Any guitar player will be able to find a use for the Axe Handler, whether they strictly play at home, jam with friends, or play in a band. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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