Pedal Labels – review


Effects Bay Pedal Labels.

Hank from Effects Bay has released a nifty little product that many gigging pedal junkies may find quite handy. The Pedal Labels are designed to make labeling your pedal settings nice and easy, using a material that won’t damage your pedal or leave unwanted residue after removing.

The Pedal Labels are made using an adhesive that holds strongly to your pedal, but not so much that you cannot remove the label for re-positioning or replacement. There’s no need for any tools to remove the label or adhesive residue. In saying that I probably wouldn’t use them on a valuable vintage effect just in case, but I doubt that the labels would cause damage to most pedals.

As we all know different companies use different layouts for their controls, stomp-switches and the like. The standard Pedal Labels pack comes with six sheets of labels in formats that suit most pedal layouts. There is an assortment of Boss, Ibanez and MXR control layouts, which will cover most pedals. For the pedals that are a little different from the norm there are a selection of single knob and toggle switch labels.

It’s easy to mark your settings on the Pedal Labels. A permanent marker dries very quickly on the labels, and you can rule them up neatly before applying them, or if you are like me just free-hand them after sticking the labels to the pedals.

Overall the Pedal Labels are a great idea that will leave you thinking “Why didn’t I think of that”. For such a low price you can mark your pedals in a neat way, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with the mess that materials such as masking tape can leave behind.

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