D&A Headlock guitar wall hanger – review

Headlock-Black-added-logo-2When it comes to hanging a guitar on a wall you want to ensure that a guitar is never going to fall off. A hanger needs to inspire confidence that it will never drop your pride and joy.  D&A Rock Solid Stands and Hangers have released a wall hanger that should definitely make you feel comfortable hanging your guitar on the wall.

The D&A Headlock guitar wall hanger is a pretty impressive piece of kit. It has a see-through gate that allows you to remove and return the guitar with ease and piece of mind. The spring-loaded mount pops up and opens the gate when the guitar is picked up, and moves down and closes the gate when the headstock hits the mount and the weight of the guitar is unloaded on the mechanism. The mount is made of plastic, but feels tough enough to handle the weight of even the heaviest guitar, and years of hanging it on the wall hanger.

Installing the Headlock is nice and easy too. The bracket section mounts to the wall via two screws, provided in the kit. Find a stud in your wall, drill some pilot holes and screw the mount to the wall and you’re done. D&A have even provided a cover the front to cover up the screws, making everything look nice and neat. The size and angle of the bracket section ensures that the guitar is kept away from the wall when hanging.

Overall the D&A Headlock guitar wall hanger is a fantastic piece of gear. It’s brilliant automatic locking mechanism ensures your guitar is hanging securely, and it’s well priced enough that you can hang all of your guitars in a Headlock. If you are looking at hanging your guitars on the wall for the first time, or maybe looking to upgrade some less secure looking and feeling wall hangers then definitely check out the D&A Headlock.

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