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The Charvel build project – part 6

The Charvel build project updates have been very quiet as of late. To get you up to speed, In the three months since I last provided an update on the Charvel build project I have sprayed clear coat on the body, and left it to cure. Two weeks ago I …


The Charvel build project – part 5

It’s been some time since I posted any updates on the Charvel build project. Things have been insanely busy and tough since late last year, so anything I need to work on takes a lot longer than usual. I’ve finally been able to make some progress with the Charvel project …


The Charvel build project – part 2

So it’s been a long time since I made the initial post about embarking on the Charvel build project, but finally here’s the first update! The Musikraft body and neck arrived yesterday, and look great! The figure in the flame maple looks fairly reasonable, so hopefully with some practice on …


Strat build project – quick YouTube demo

I haven’t made any YouTube videos for some time now, so I thought I should shoot a quick demo of my recently finished Strat project. It’s now got a very nice specially made for this project Hantug Custom Guitars vintage 6 hole bridge, made with a brass baseplate and saddles,  …