New Gear Day: 1.33A 9V power supply

Integrated daisy chain - what a great idea
Integrated daisy chain – what a great idea

On Monday the postman delivered my new stomp box power supply, a 1330mA (1.33A) 9V DC Regulated Power Supply with integrated 6-way Daisy Chain from

Effect Power Supplies are based in the UK, and  supply power units, as well as a great range of effects pedals, and pedal boards. They provide their power supplies with a range of plugs to meet most countries standards.

They also offer a number of power supplies with the ability to power more or less pedals

I ended up going with on of these as it had the daisy chains already integrated into the power supply, saving me having to get extra links, and having the risk of the connections coming undone. their prices are also very competitive.

So far it seems to be a reasonable unit. It runs fairly cool which is always a plus with power supplies, plus it was able to quieten down my Boss DS-1 and CS-3 pedals a fraction.  The only downside has been that it doesn’t work so nicely with my Digitech Hardwire DL-8. With the DL-8 hooked up with one other Boss pedal the signal is nice and clear, but add another and a strange swirling sound appears.

I put it down to the DL-8 operating at a higher internal voltage than most 9volt pedals, or the fact that it needs more mA than the Boss or Behringer pedals I have. The unit runs brilliantly with 3 of my Boss pedals, and a Behringer one hooked up. For now the DL-8 will stay on batteries.

The customer service from Effect Power Supplies has been fantastic. They are quick to respond to any questions you may have, and very helpful in general.

So if you are looking for a way to power a bunch of stomp boxes for a reasonable amount of money go check out Effect Power Supplies. They will probably have something to suit your needs.

I have also reviewed this on Jemsite’s comparison shopping. Go check it out for more reviews on this product, and prices at different online stores.

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