Peterson iStrobosoft iPhone strobe tuner app

Peterson iStrobosoft for the iPhone

Peterson iStrobosoft for the iPhone

I purchased an iPhone 3G-S last week, and prior to getting it I had been reading up on Iphone apps for guitar players. The app that really caught my eye is the Peterson iStrobosoft strobe tuner app.

Looking at Peterson products, they generally cost a pretty penny. The basic strobe tuner software for the PC comes in at USD$49.95 for the basic package, and the stomp box versions are close to USD$200. And these are the cheaper options from Peterson.

Now there is a reason for these sorts of costs, Peterson is a respected manufacturer that pioneered strobe tuner technology, so they know what they are doing. But to see the Peterson software put in to an iPhone app at $12.95 (I think that’s the Austrailan price) is just amazing!

And what a great idea it is. iStrobosoft works amazing with the iPhone. The iPhone mic picks up your instrument nicely, and the accuracy is mind boggling, especially when you consider how much coin it costs. There is also a 1/4″ adapter that can be purchased for a small cost for direct hook up to the iphone.

Peterson boast a 1/10th of a cent accuracy with their strobe tuning software (30 times more accurate than a conventional LED/needle tuner), and iStrobosoft is no different.

I’ll be writing up a full review for the iStrobosoft iPhone app soon. I’ll compare it with another cheap tuning option (the Boss TU-80) to see how much more accurately the iStrobosoft software can get your guitars tuned.

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