DiMarzio 10 foot Guitar & Instrument Cable – review

Solid build, and striking appearance.

I decided that after 18 years of playing guitar that I should really go out and buy myself some good quality cables. My first test subject is the DiMarzio 10 foot braided cable in a striking red colour.

The build quality of the DiMarzio instrument cables is second to none. There is a nice weight to the cable, hinting at the high quality shielded audio cable, and the addition of top-notch Switchcraft TRS connectors is welcomed. The material used for the braiding looks like it will endure the rigours it will be put through on stage and in the studio.

The assorted colours that DiMarzio make their cables available in is a nice touch too. Cables can be a very boring item to purchase and use, and giving the customer a choice of colours is a very smart move by DiMarzio.

Plugging the DiMarzio cable in I noticed a nice clear signal, with a little more clarity than the cables I had used prior to this. There is nothing artificial about the tone, generated through the DiMarzio cable, it’s just nice and natural with no major emphasis on any frequencies.

The one issue I have with the DiMarzio braided instrument cables is probably a common issue with any braided instrument cables. They have a tendency to try and tangle up a little which can be annoying. There is no way that the cable will knot, but it seems to retain a memory of it’s wound up state. I am careful when I wind up my cables, and I still have the problem. My band mate has a Fender braided cable, and complains of the same problem too.

Overall the quality and clarity of the tone shines through, and I am very happy with the cable. It looks like it will last a very long time with little to no maintenance, and the clarity of sound will be wonderful when recording.

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