Planet Waves 10 foot Classic Series Guitar Cable – review

Great low cost cable, but lacks some fullness and dynamics.

In my quest to find a great guitar cable I decided to try out the Planet Waves Classic Guitar Cable. I bought a 10 foot one to use in my studio. I compared it against a DiMarzio 10 foot braided cable, which I have already reviewed.

At first look the Planet Waves Classic Cable is built quite nicely. The TRS connectors look and feel nice and sturdy, and are covered in a sturdy rubber coating. The cable is nice and flexible, and doesn’t tangle up too easily.

Planet Waves specs also list “ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductors, dense shielding that virtually eliminates triboelectric (handling) noise”. Without actually understanding what “triboelectric” actually means, I’m guessing that they are trying to say that their cables are nice and quiet, and wont pick up any interference.

The great thing with Planet Waves cables is that they are guaranteed for life, so if they break, just take it back to your local music store and get it replaced with a new one.

At the end of the day though the most important part of your cable is the sound it helps you produce connecting your guitar to your amplifier.

Plugging in the Planet Waves Classic Cable I noticed immediately that the signal was nice and clear, on both the clean and dirty channels settings on my amps. There was no real noticeable hum when not playing. While playing, the tone was nice and clear, but comparing it to my DiMarzio cable it felt as though something was missing. After an A-B test of the Planet Waves and Dimarzio cables I noticed that Planet Waves cable didn’t seem to produce as full a sound, and it lacked a little in dynamics.

In saying this, it may not be that the Planet Waves cable is an inferior product. It may very well be producing a more natural tone, and the DiMarzio cable may be introducing a little more low-end to the sound. I must say though that I liked the tone I was hearing through the DiMarzio cable more.

Overall the Planet Planet Waves Cables are definitely worth trying out for yourself. They are quite reasonably priced, and you may actually find that you prefer the tone they convey more than other cables. As mentioned they are nicely built, and will last a long time. In the off-chance that it breaks you can always return it for a new one too, so they are definitely great value.

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