DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings Lite-n-Tite 9-42 – review

Great sounding strings

I’ve been playing GHS Boomers for years, pretty much since I started playing electric guitar back in 1993. Lately I’ve had the hankering to try out a few other brands, and on that path I have tested the DR Tite-Fit strings on a couple of my double locking tremolo guitars.

DR have created a string that has a flat section which will sit just past the nut to help ensure stable winds on your tuning peg. This will be handy for people using these strings on non-locking nut guitars, but probably wont have much of an impact on the guitars I am using.

The main thing I am concerned with when restringing my guitars is how long it takes to stretch in a string to hold tune well, tone, and longevity.

I can report that DR’s Tite-Fit strings settle in nice and quickly with minimal stretching, and even with a bit of extreme whammy bar abuse they hold tune nicely. From memory it took me about three rounds of stretching, retuning and playing to get them settled in nicely which I think is fantastic.

Tone-wise the Tite-Fits have a nice bold and bright tone without being too overbearing.  I found them to be very pleasing to the ear when playing acoustically, and a lot of that tone transferred through when plugged in.

On the longevity front, I have had one of these guitars string up with the same set of Tite-Fits for at least a month now, and they are still bright and shiny, with no real visible corrosion, and they sound great and hold tune nicely.

Overall I have found the DR Tite-Fit strings to be great value, from the quick settle-in time, to the fantastic tone that lasts. Definitely give them a try if you haven’t done so already.

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