Cool new gear: Red Witch Seven Sisters range

Red Witch, the New Zealand based boutique pedal manufacturer has come out with a new range of pedals with a difference. The Seven Sisters are a range of pedals with an extremely small footprint, and also contain a rechargeable lithium ion battery. They can be recharged using any 9-18volt DC adapter, and once charged should last a couple of weeks worth of playing.

The Red Witch Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters comprises of the Eve tremolo, Scarlett overdrive, Ivy distortion, Violet delay, Grace compressor, Lily boost and Ruby fuzz.

Here’s what Red Witch have to say about the Seven Sisters:

  • Worlds first Lithium Ion Cell Pedals
  • Worlds smallest Pedal Board footprint
  • Artist Quality at an entry level price.
  • $129.99 US$ each
  • Each pedal has it’s own charging circuit built into the device – just attach any DC adapter between 9 and 18 volts to it, let it charge over night and the pedal will be good for 1-2 weeks worth of gigging. No more dead 9 volt batteries, no more nasty ground loops from daisy chained power supplies.
  • Jack sockets at the top of our proprietary, custom made diecast enclosure.

The built-in Lithium Ion battery is a fantastic idea, and the price is very friendly. They are sure to be a success.


Here’s a video courtesy of Whats’ That Dude Play, shot at NAMM with a basic demo of each of the Seven Sisters:

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