Cool new gear: two more Perri Ink. Guitars models

20130227-211904.jpgNick Perri is one to never rest. With his store Perri Ink Cartel and  reforming Silvertide you’d think that there was already too much going on. But no, his custom guitar brand Perri Ink Guitars have pumped out two more sweet custom models.

The Twenty-Five celebrates Perri Ink Guitars 25th custom guitar. With a crazy hounds tooth paint job and cool reverse headstock Nick says that it’s channeling both Hendrix and Sherlock Holmes!

With the Shakespeare the aim was to somehow combine the simple with the extravagant. The simple setup and the crazy paint job really achieve this.

Here’s what Nick has to say about both guitars:



“Hendrix meets Sherlock Holmes”

Proudly introducing the PERRI INK. “Twenty-Five”, our 25th custom guitar! We wanted to do something very special to mark this Silver Anniversary, and I think you’ll agree it’s mission accomplished. Have you ever seen a “Houndstooth” guitar before? Neither have we! Thanks to the bold & precise paint work of Bobby Bordeaux from French Kiss Kustoms, this idea which has been in our heads for quite a few years, is now a reality. Add our 1st REVERSE headstock, floating Callaham vintage trem, and the heat of 3 Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups, and you have a guitar that won’t sit quietly in the corner with the others. This guitar wants to be played loud. Woodstock LOUD! Handmade, American made, and built with love.



Some might say the PERRI INK. “Shakespeare” is so over the top in both its ascetics and playability, it even raises the bar set by most custom guitars being made today. This project was born from the idea to merge simple with extravagant, and the Shakespeare delivers on booth with stunning results. Bobby Bordeaux of French Kiss Kustoms knocked this one out of the park, and the guitar gets its name from the empowering Shakespeare quote so beautifully painted on the back. Its features are as bare bones and straightforward as you can get, while its visual intensity has made people stop in their tracks and quite literally.. drool. The guitar is complimented by hand-wound Bare Knuckle “Yardbird” pickups, and a Callaham stainless steel & brass bridge assembly. “To thine own self be true”. Why yes, yes indeed.

Handmade, American made, and built with love.







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