Cool new gear: The Creamery Dirty Shirt high output humbuckers

The Creamery Dirty Shirts, high output humbuckers.

Jamie Campbell of The Creamery, a custom guitar and handwound pickups builder, has released some very nice new high output humbuckers,  called the Dirty Shirt. The basic configuration of the Dirty Shirt pickups utilise Alnico 8 magnets and the bridge has 13.4K output, while the neck model has 10.6K output.

Here’s what The Creamery have to say about the Dirty Shirt humbuckers:

A hot, overwound humbucker pickup that sounds neither muddy or shrill – The custom Alnico 8 magnet helps to give the pickup great mids while the high end is smoother than the harshness often associated with ceramics.

Great clarity & definition for a higher output humbucker. Available in chrome, nickel, gold, H-Cover or simple open black or zebra bobbins.

Magnet: Alnico 8

Coil Wire: 43AWG Plain Enamel

Lead Wire: Vintage Braided Pushback or 4way

Bridge Output: 13.4k

Neck Output: 10.6k

As always, The Creamery offer a number of custom options for their pickups. You can choose to have the pickup potted or unspotted, covers, vintage braided hookup wire or modern 4 conductor, and of course F-spaced or standard spaced  pole spacing.

If you are looking for some sweet pickups outside the major manufacturers you should definitely check out The Creamery.

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