A bit of late night noodling with the EVH Frankenstein Humbucker

The EVH Frankie loaded in my Strat.

The EVH Frankenstein Humbucker has quickly become one of my favourite pickups, and not because I want to capture EVH tones. It’s a great all-round pickup, although i really wish that it did have a four conductor mode, and perhaps even F or trem-spacing.

I’ve been working on a lead part for a new song my band Sewer Sideshow, and my EVH Frankie loaded Strat is the one I’ve spent most writing it. I was spending some time working on it last night so I thought I would catch a quick demo to showcase the EVH Frankenstein Humbucker tone through my rig a bit more. I had a go at using my webcam to capture a fretboard-cam view for fun last night. Here is the resulting demo. There’s plenty of fumbles due to my half-asleep state, and my still trying to work out what sort of phrases and licks I’m going to play for the part. I hope you all dig though. 🙂


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