New Guitar Day: Ibanez RGR 1570

RGR1570_01A couple of weeks ago I received a message from a friend of mine in the US telling me about a guitar he bought. The surprise though was that he was sending me a one of his guitars that didn’t really get played as a gift! The guitar was an Ibanez RGR 1570, made in 2008.

The guitar is pretty much standard Ibanez fare in the construction, basswood body, maple/walnut 5 piece neck with rosewood fretboard, Edge Pro bridge and V8- S1 – V7 pickup combo. The small differences are what make this guitar unique. First is the satin black finish, an almost primer rat-rod looking finish that feels very different to the touch compared to a gloss finish. The other difference is the reverse headstock. My friend had also completed the V series pickup magnet swap as seen in my Polishing a turd, or how to improve Ibanez V7/V8 pickups post from a few years back.

Well, the guitar arrived today, and I am stoked with my new guitar. It looks as mean as anything, and plays phenomenally. There were a few minor tweaks I needed to make to the truss rod, bridge height and spring claw, and now it plays amazingly. Here are some pictures below:

RGR1570_02 RGR1570_03 RGR1570_04

A huge thanks to my friend Ryc for his generosity. I really appreciate this gift, and I can’t wait to get on stage next week and rip it up with this beast!

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