DiMarzio John Petrucci signature Illuminator 6 bridge and neck YouTube demo

Doing something a little different here. For the first time I’m doing a demo using Positive Grid’s brand new BIAS Desktop VST, using the Mark II C+ amp sim as the baseline amp. I’m playing my heavily modified Ibanez RG 450 LTD, with Edge Pro bridge and KIller Guitar Components brass big block and brass spring claw.

Petrucci and his signature pickups are probably more known for metal and shred tones, but I wanted to show how well these work in a rock/punk rock setting.

The backing track is a live recording of my band Sewer Sideshow, and our song “Billy Packed an Axe”. I isolated the drum and bass tracks, but there is a bit of a bleed of the other instruments and vocals that may pop through due to the fact it was a live stage recording.

Please don’t mind the muck-ups, my carpal tunnel syndrome has flared up again, making it a little difficult to play smoothly.

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